We offer a full range of services which we can tailor to suit your motoring needs.

These are some examples of our service schedules.


1. Check condition and operation of all interior and exterior lights.

          Repair connections or replace bulbs as required

2. Check operation of all dashboard warning lamps and systems

3. Check operation of air conditioning and heating systems

4. Check operation of front & rear washers & wipers

          Clean, repair or replace as required

6. Check horn

7. Check condition and operation of all seats and seat belts

8. Check and lubricate all hinges, bonnet catches and locks

9. Code read engine, abs, airbag and body control units

10. Flush, drain and refill engine oil

11. Replace oil filter

12. Check coolant condition and anti freeze content

          Add coolant/anti freeze as required

13. Check condition of cooling system including hoses, pipes, thermostat and pump.

          Report/repair as required*

14. Check brake fluid condition and level

         Top up/replace as required*

15. Check and clean engine breather system and throttle body.

16. Check power steering operation and fluid condition

17. Check/replace air filter if required

18. Check/clean/replace spark plugs if required

19. Check HT cables/ign coils for carbon damage

          Replace as required*

20. Replace fuel filter as required, apply fuel additive

21. Clean/replace pollen filter as required

22. Top up all remaining under bonnet levels

23. Top up electrolyte level in battery if required and grease terminals

24. Check/top up gearbox/transfer box/axle levels and check for leaks*

25. Check shock absorbers for leaks, condition and security

26. Check all fuel lines for safety, security and condition

27. Check all steering and suspension components for safety, security and condition

          Adjust and lubricate as required*

28. Inspect, clean and lubricate front, rear and handbrake systems

          Repair/replace as required*

29. Check operation of clutch system and lubricate/adjust as required

30. Check condition of drive shafts/ prop shafts and CV joints/gaiters

31. Check, lubricate and adjust wheel bearings

32. Check/report on tyre condition, adjust tyre pressure (inc spare tyre, jack and tools)

33. Carry out visual check of all under body/under vehicle components

34. Grease all greasing points

35. Check exhaust/catalyst system for security, condition and leaks

* Some repairs will incur an extra charge. We will always contact you first if this is necessary